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Add changes file for Qt 5.12.1v5.
+ dccec9b282ae15fa65fd61698dd1cb47325e5c8e Bump version + 2b79a41096a0d626659f5647743005a963c3fe7d Client: Don't require an input device for non-grabbing popups + 685591a4e9f295e6bcc1859704a0b6109af255ce Client: Rename m_topmostPopup to clarify its goal + 49ea0fc16a499514ebc0c254a983e86bcda88dd6 Compositor: Fix crash after surface destruction + fa57079a227b92218c5b23dafdcb7f547acb635d Don't crash if view is deleted from surfaceDestroyed signal + 9ce3088d226fddc18bcac170fa5cc5be3c29e371 Add changes file for Qt 5.11.3 + f563e0e196d74d0884b4e599729e36f9f172f0e2 Client: Fix incorrect enter serial in set_cursor + b81cf22561600e96113270114a8d5fab750ad64f Fix build due to missing QDebug include + 4fa1ed2dfe7ae42b940d6d28e4c1066853e7768a Fix unused variables, in preparation for adding warning_clean + 4aeb655d161250c317bdb5a6a86e6a6b01ef5685 Fix compilation with gcc 4.8 + fb0109c6acb8269d1fcdc20b7494c455ff2c74ad Scanner: Add include for QList + a8fed20181729cae70de43079c4a34ad1780cfd7 use new feature name xkbcommon_evdev -> xkbcommon + d25b3b7f1059d5561bce3efe7ea903ea76d4e888 Fix invalid QWaylandOutputMode comparison operator + 7f7502865f980a7d72dc04ffc5f25eecf0d414a8 tests: minor fixup in tst_WaylandCompositor::comparingModes() + 88041986f448c14871fac76ee01280736af3f382 Fix scaling if wrong attached window size is returned + 99526a2227e8a0bccffb504b10f72aeee47e290d Specify X11 dependency explicitly + 1dc85b95ab0adc1e805d059e2c35c671ef790011 Client: Full implementation for frame callbacks + f2dc41b5babf0a7b51a1735f290540d7be695042 Compositor: Fix crash in QWaylandSurface::waylandClient + 09b6fcf3ec501cb94d89833745264a16c2a74209 Client xdg-shell: Fix protocol error for tooltips on popups + 00c0bad3184e32ff0b1dd799b7ef121eaa737c0d Client: Fix various input related crashes for events without focus + 34e03bf56cb080f3fae7dd31f0eb1d72e3bb518c Client: Fix incorrect damage for decoration edges + 143a6ad82ea0ded69da482eff1750082fd5b2a6a Client: Don't assume windows have surfaces in QWaylandInputContext::update + 024be9dcae26a0d88ffb76f9fca252f2135ad7c9 Bump version + c584db87cf924f3a3d883288de8c2f4210186af6 wl_eglstream_controller implementation for NVIDIA + 6258c4994200348220be6f35667a2c0f4b705539 Revert "Client: Full implementation for frame callbacks" + 280cc2befba99ffde25fe7c287174143a9539d32 Fix flickering (black frames) of wayland clients on NVIDIA + 657b6ce0677e05984a2f11900c66dbca775ff313 Fix black client windows when not using window decorations on NVIDIA Change-Id: I902f66c4b1d61e967264f20ed0884b3908d612cc Reviewed-by: Paul Olav Tvete <>
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