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* Backport texture sharing for NVIDIAPaul Olav Tvete2019-08-132-0/+61
* Add server buffer integration using Linux dma-bufPaul Olav Tvete2018-09-212-0/+64
* Fix outdated BSD license headerKai Koehne2017-10-208-23/+103
* Move qtwayland over to use the new configuration systemLars Knoll2016-11-2312-259/+1
* Compile with -no-openglJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2016-07-202-0/+4
* Upgrade required Wayland version to 1.6.0Johan Klokkhammer Helsing2016-03-171-5/+5
* Get rid of the egl config test and use what qtbase providesLaszlo Agocs2015-11-112-62/+0
* RPi: Resolve all BRCM functions dynamicallyLaszlo Agocs2015-11-111-3/+2
* Update copyright headersJani Heikkinen2015-02-1712-47/+47
* Update the protocol to 1.4 and raise the required libwayland versionGiulio Camuffo2015-02-031-5/+5
* Add a libhybris hardwareintegrations to share EGL server buffersGiulio Camuffo2014-03-262-0/+67
* Change the minimum required Wayland version back to 1.2Giulio Camuffo2014-02-281-5/+5
* Update the required wayland version to 1.3Jorgen Lind2014-01-171-8/+10
* Merge remote-tracking branch stable into devAndy Nichols2014-01-095-4/+71
| * Use xkb, not X11 for symbol defines.Robin Burchell2014-01-081-2/+1
| * Config test for drm_egl_serverJorgen Lind2014-01-062-0/+66
| * Only build Walyand EGL QPA if EGL is supported by baseLubomir Rintel2013-11-252-1/+3
| * Wayland-EGL QPA: Support desktop OpenGL as wellAndrew Knight2013-11-252-2/+2
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devAndy Nichols2013-09-091-5/+8
|\ \ | |/
| * Update wayland config test to look for at least 1.1Jørgen Lind2013-06-111-5/+8
* | Require wayland-cursor to buildSergio Ahumada2013-07-012-0/+60
* Made egl and wayland_egl config.tests require GLES2 configured Qt.Samuel Rødal2013-04-232-0/+4
* Fixed broken wayland_scanner config.test.Samuel Rødal2013-04-171-2/+10
* Set required Wayland version to 1.0.3 or higherAndy Nichols2013-03-021-2/+7
* Require xkbcommon and wayland-scanner to buildAndy Nichols2013-02-013-0/+113
* Cleanup QtWayland moduleAndy Nichols2012-12-032-0/+61
* Update QtCompositor API to use wayland 1.0.0Andy Nichols2012-11-041-1/+1
* Change copyrights from Nokia to DigiaIikka Eklund2012-09-256-36/+36
* Fix libxkbcommon config testLaszlo Agocs2012-07-251-1/+0
* Fix brcm_egl test to not link against QtAndy Nichols2012-07-192-7/+18
* Config tests for gl integrationJorgen Lind2012-07-179-2/+242
* build system cleanupsOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-272-6/+0
* Introduce standard pkg-config usageDonald Carr2012-06-111-6/+5
* Added config.test for brcm_egl.Samuel Rødal2012-05-212-0/+77
* Yet another xkbcommon API changeLaszlo Agocs2012-05-151-2/+2
* Compile with new xkbcommon APILaszlo Agocs2012-05-091-9/+20
* Use new xkbcommon includepathPierre Vorhagen2012-03-211-1/+1
* Make the module not depend on QtBase configureJørgen Lind2012-03-122-0/+75