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* Use WaylandCursorItem over clients, window system cursor otherwiseShawn Rutledge2020-05-293-9/+8
* Client: Don't send fake SurfaceCreated/Destroyed eventsDavid Edmundson2020-05-181-2/+5
* examples: fix wayland/texture-sharing/custom-compositorPeter Seiderer2020-04-061-0/+4
* Remove usages of deprecated APIs of QWheelEventSona Kurazyan2019-08-283-4/+8
* Compositor: Add xdg-output unstable v1 supportPier Luigi Fiorini2019-08-263-3/+21
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'qt/5.13' into devPaul Olav Tvete2019-08-161-1/+3
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'qt/5.12' into 5.13Paul Olav Tvete2019-08-141-2/+6
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| | * Fix the build when libs didn't get builtLiang Qi2019-08-121-2/+6
* | | Fix build with Qt 6 and strict API deprecationsSimon Hausmann2019-08-011-1/+1
* | | Compositor: some parts depends on opengl feature instead of moduleLiang Qi2019-06-201-2/+2
* | | Eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [1/2]: trivial casesMarc Mutz2019-05-212-3/+5
* | | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.13' into devJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2019-05-071-1/+1
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| * | client: rework input method handlingGatis Paeglis2019-04-151-1/+1
* | | Compositor: Don't require OpenGL to build the QML APIsJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2019-04-041-7/+12
* | | New texture sharing protocol and infrastructurePaul Olav Tvete2019-03-2818-2/+759
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* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2019-01-106-2/+7
| * C++ examples: Delay compositor initialization until GL is readyPaul Olav Tvete2019-01-096-2/+7
* | Compositor: Fix coordinate system inconsistenciesJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-11-165-7/+7
* Add server buffer integration using Linux dma-bufPaul Olav Tvete2018-09-211-2/+2
* Don't use members of wl_resourceJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-09-181-1/+1
* server-side-decoration example: Implement window movePaul Olav Tvete2018-08-211-12/+23
* Compositor API: Add xdg-decoration unstable v1 supportJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-08-176-0/+227
* Add mouse and keyboard handling to minimal-cpp examplePaul Olav Tvete2018-08-165-18/+168
* Compositor API: Add xdg-shell stableJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-08-156-10/+24
* qwindow-compositor: rename input to seatJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-08-091-6/+6
* hwlayer-compositor example: Remove xdg-shell unstable v5 supportJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-08-071-1/+0
* Multi-screen example compositor: Upgrade to xdg-shell unstable v6Johan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-08-072-4/+4
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2018-08-071-2/+5
| * Make sure we don't use deleted memory in examplePaul Olav Tvete2018-08-041-2/+5
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into devLiang Qi2018-06-281-1/+2
| * Doc: Add missing dots (qtwayland)Paul Wicking2018-06-191-1/+2
* | Revamp overview-compositor exampleJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-05-281-16/+23
* | Add overview-compositor to compositor examples .pro-fileJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-05-281-0/+1
* | Revamp spanning-screens exampleJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-05-281-48/+27
* | Revamp pure-qml exampleJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-05-184-70/+62
* | Compositor: Automatically create ShellSurfaceItems for popupsJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-05-183-16/+4
* Remove waylandclient-private dependency from custom-extension exampleJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-04-255-8/+5
* Make the minimal-cpp example a real compositorPaul Olav Tvete2018-03-214-22/+23
* Use override when applicableJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-02-282-3/+3
* Use default member initialization for raw pointersJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-02-285-7/+7
* Init variables where they are declared when possible (clang-tidy)Johan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-02-2713-39/+21
* Use nullptr instead of 0 or NULLJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-02-205-10/+10
* Compositor API: Add support for hardware compositingJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-02-096-0/+246
* Compositor examples: Remove unused dependencies on private APIsJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2018-01-162-2/+2
* Fix outdated FDL license headerLiang Qi2017-12-051-4/+4
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.10' into devLiang Qi2017-11-202-3/+2
| * pure-qml example: fix position of XdgShellV6 popupsShawn Rutledge2017-11-201-2/+1
| * Update to new QRandomGenerator APIThiago Macieira2017-11-031-1/+1
* | Add overview-compositor exampleJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2017-11-156-0/+252
* | Fix broken minimal-qml exampleJohan Klokkhammer Helsing2017-11-061-2/+2