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Split out the Widgets and QtQuick integration
This is the first step to making proper Qt Modules out of QtWebEngine. The Widgets integration becomes a proper C++ Qt Module while we make the QtQuick side a QML plugin for now (could probably be promoted if the need arises). Code-wise, this means the introduction of a WebContentsAdapterClient interface that is subclassed by the private implementation of our API classes for delegation of things that are UI specific. Functionality from WebContents and the like is exposed via the WebContentsAdapter. Change-Id: I4ca3395b9fe8502a24e36002cfd5af44067bb6e8 Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>
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-# The qmake generated module files belong into our build/qmake dir
-MODULE_QMAKE_OUTDIR = $$shadowed($$PWD/build/qmake)
+QMAKEPATH += $$PWD/build/qmake
+# All modules share the same version number. We plan on following Qt's releases for now.