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Update Chromium
This pulls in the following changes: a90e18d2d30 [Backport] Security bug 983938 0699308555b [Backport] Security bug 976050 852040586ec [Backport] Security bug 983850 a9f2f201ec6 [Backport] Security bug 973893 4bc95ce8486 [Backport] Security bug 958717 456aa9409ea [Backport] CVE-2019-5856 8ad3193acea [Backport] CVE-2019-5852 c1a19035306 [Backport] CVE-2019-5854 de78692c035 [Backport] CVE-2019-5855 ac7d5d7df5a [Backport] CVE-2019-5851 81417ff67b7 [Backport] Critical security issue 977057 ffbd836a7c8 [Backport] CVE-2019-5857 6693cf14341 [Backport] CVE-2019-5860 134a78ac91b [Backport] Security bug 981602 e981e2326a8 [Backport] CVE-2019-5865 b814b7b7d71 [Backport] CVE-2019-5862 1/4 dbb531a8212 [Backport] CVE-2019-5862 2/4 8502a1f7be2 [Backport] CVE-2019-5862 3/4 b71efe4a834 [Backport] CVE-2019-5862 4/4 d377f182ec3 [Backport] CVE-2019-5861 1/2 e13a9847f21 [Backport] CVE-2019-5861 2/2 4d84676d74a [Backport] Security bug 974627 d0d509db8c7 [Backport] Security bug 961674 691d632f7af [Backport] Security bug 960785 bdb7acb5afd [Backport] Security bug 964002 6e2562dd1ef Fix build with recent linux kernel. 7a779d01607 Fix skcms build with avx Fixes: QTBUG-77402 Change-Id: Ib9fe63c806149c299714bb1f76e4adf2877389d5 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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