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Doc: QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute values provide no safety mechanisms
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\value LocalStorageEnabled
Enables support for the HTML 5 local storage feature. Enabled by default.
\value LocalContentCanAccessRemoteUrls
- Allows locally loaded documents to access remote URLs. Disabled by default.
+ Allows locally loaded documents to ignore cross-origin rules so that they can access
+ remote resources that would normally be blocked, because all remote resources are
+ considered cross-origin for a local file. Remote access that would not be blocked by
+ cross-origin rules is still possible when this setting is disabled (default).
+ Note that disabling this setting does not stop XMLHttpRequests or media elements in
+ local files from accessing remote content. Basically, it only stops some HTML
+ subresources, such as scripts, and therefore disabling this setting is not a safety
+ mechanism.
\value XSSAuditingEnabled
Monitors load requests for cross-site scripting attempts. Suspicious scripts are blocked
and reported in the inspector's JavaScript console. Disabled by default, because it