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Update chromium
Pulls in the second set of security fixes from Chrome 58 Changes: bb60dcc [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5062 6b84421 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5063 3c92b73 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5064 c0cfcc1 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5065 ee17dd9 [Backport] [refactor] Extract the CertVerifyResult assignment of has_md2, has_md4, has_md5, has_sha1, has_sha1_leaf to a helper function. 0fcf288 [Backport] Refactor the assignment of CertVerifyResult::has_md2, etc. 251f147 [Backport] Add support for MD2, MD4, and MD5 to SignatureAlgorithm. 3eaa2c8 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5066 522c25e [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5069 130bf0e [Backport] Update expat to 2.2.0 to fix CVE vulnerability. a62d384 [Backport] cerry-pick fix for uninitialized memory in flac 4ad4d47 Revert "[Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5064" Change-Id: I1a182ccfafb9b248cc0f144e43b6fca282e62dd5 Reviewed-by: Kai Koehne <>
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