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Cleanup qwebenginescript and qwebenginescriptcollection apiHEADdev
This patch cleans up script and collection apis: * do not allocate user_script on heap, there is no need for that. * remove isNull(), which was used by collection.findScript(name) * remove collection.size(), there is already collection.count() * remove collection.findScript(name), user can use findScripts(name) which returns list of scripts or empty list if not found * collection.findScripts(name) is simply collection.find(name) [ChangeLog] Removed QWebEngineScriptCollection::findScript(name), use QWebEngineScriptCollection::find(name) instead. Change-Id: Iecf8f1d7c26275b9ce3a1ea97cf4bd74b17f681e Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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