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Add support for file and data url scheme.
Local file and data url support can simply be added by registering the appropriate ProtocolHandlers. Displaying the contents of a directory is slightly more complex. This requires access to some html resource files that can be used to list the contents in rows. For Chromium such resource files are usually contained in a .pak file which is shipped with the binary. Since deploying additional files is very complicated for Qt, we want to use the Qt Resource System to bundle .pak files. Therefore this patch adds handling of rcc content generated from a .qrc file to our gyp_generator.prf. Further it replaces the regular ResourceBundle implementation with a Qt specific one. And it also implements a DataPackQt class that allows using DataPack instances with data from a QByteArray and therefore from the Qt Resource System. Change-Id: Ic41e34fbd9aec8596cbc85666a762ecdaa604edc Reviewed-by: Andras Becsi <>
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