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Tie worker rights to cookie policy like Chromium doesv5.11.0-beta3
Instead of always allowing all workers, disallow when similar cookies would have been disallowed. This is following the same logic as Chromium is using. Change-Id: I6b9d6c63b894287f64171b138fe03ec080af5115 Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <> Reviewed-by: Peter Varga <>
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@@ -353,6 +353,10 @@ void QWebEngineCookieStore::deleteAllCookies()
The callback should not be used to execute heavy tasks since it is running on the
IO thread and therefore blocks the Chromium networking.
+ \note The cookie filter also controls other features with tracking capabilities similar to
+ those of cookies; including IndexedDB, DOM storage, filesystem API, service workers,
+ and AppCache.
\sa deleteAllCookies(), loadAllCookies()
void QWebEngineCookieStore::setCookieFilter(const std::function<bool(const FilterRequest &)> &filterCallback)