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Shrink the debug library size even more
Pass remove_webcore_debug_symbols=1 to gyp to reduce the library size. In case the symbols are needed CONFIG+=webcore_debug can be passed to qmake. Change-Id: I383aa3c60bfe6a0dc5344d37334b25810087d4e9 Reviewed-by: Zeno Albisser <>
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@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ cross_compile {
win32: include(config/windows.pri)
-GYP_CONFIG +="disable_glibcxx_debug=1"
+GYP_CONFIG += disable_glibcxx_debug=1
+!webcore_debug: GYP_CONFIG += remove_webcore_debug_symbols=1
# Append additional platform options defined in GYP_CONFIG
for (config, GYP_CONFIG): GYP_ARGS += "-D $$config"