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Quick: Add experimental.viewport.devicePixelRatio
This specifies a devicePixelRatio to be used by web content instead of the QScreen::devicePixelRatio(). This is necessary on non-iOS mobile devices to remain compatible with the mobile web which assumes devicePixelRatio is computed as the ratio of actual dpi to 160 dpi. Non-iOS mobile platforms may use different criteria to determine the QScreen::devicePixelRatio(), depending on the history of the platform, or simply leave it at 1.0. For QNX, this setting gets a reasonable default value so developers don't have to regularly use this experimental API. These changes were inspired by the Android Chromium port which uses a GetDpiScale() to accomplish the same in content/browser/android/ Change-Id: I1bc8878a47dabcdb6986c4fe5c8c4ac230ae2514 Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>
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