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Deploy QtWebEngineCore as a Qt module
This delegates the linking step from ninja to qmake so that we can let qmake decide the destination of the target itself, easing the deployment and installation logic across platforms. The module is only deployed as a binary and no header are available outside of the source tree. This is only to make sure that the dependence of the QtWebEngine and QtWebEngineWidgets libraries on it is resolved at runtime exactly the same way as with other Qt modules, on all platforms. Ninja still takes care of the compilation and gyp lets qmake know how and what to link by dumping the list of flags and input files in a generated .pri file. This has to be done in a separate .pro file so that we can make sure that ninja is run inconditionally before make reaches the dependency check in, ensured by the parent Makefile. Note 1: This patch removes RPATH hacks that are no longer necessary Note 2: Other targets like ffmpegsumo are still linked by ninja. The same logic could be moved to a qmake file but this require some more work to make sure that some switches (e.g. -stdlib=libc++) are coordinated between gyp and qmake. Change-Id: If65968547bde5b9cf732e31e97931c17ae1921a7 Reviewed-by: Zoltan Arvai <> Reviewed-by: Andras Becsi <>
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diff --git a/src/webengine/ b/src/webengine/
index 062780469..cd175bfcc 100644
--- a/src/webengine/
+++ b/src/webengine/
@@ -4,18 +4,10 @@ TARGET = QtWebEngine
QT += qml quick
-QT_PRIVATE += qml-private quick-private gui-private core-private
+QT_PRIVATE += webenginecore qml-private quick-private gui-private core-private
INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD api ../core
-# FIXME: all this should eventually be turned into QT += webenginecore
-macx:LIBPATH = $$getOutDir()/$$getConfigDir()
-else:LIBPATH = $$getOutDir()/$$getConfigDir()/lib
-LIBS_PRIVATE += -lQt5WebEngineCore -L$$LIBPATH
api/qquickwebengineloadrequest.cpp \
api/qquickwebenginenewviewrequest.cpp \