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Fix gn moc path pointing to debug moc for super buildHEADdev
In 53e99bd we used genex to get moc path, this works well, but not for mulitconifg build where genex will output path to debug moc in case of superbuild. To fix issues like that cmake 3.20 introduces $<OUTPUT_CONFIG:...> and $<COMMAND_CONFIG:...> generator-expressions, however it will not help much since they do not work with file(GENERATE), moreover minimal current version is 3.19 Use target property to query moc location or recreate path in case of superbuild. Fixes: QTBUG-96375 Pick-to: 6.2 Change-Id: Ief0fc32d57a36191694102ed010314b5d3395334 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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