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Properly cleanup the old page when attaching a new one
This patch fixes two issues: - The RWHV delegate of the old page would not be detached from the view when attaching a new page to that view. Call reattachRWHV as we do on the new page to make sure that the delegate gets unparented from the view. - QtWebKit documents that a page having the view as its QObject parent should be deleted when setPage is called with a new page. This would cause QupZilla to leak the page when opening a new window through a link. This also adds a workaround to avoid a crash when unparenting the delegate where QOpenGLWidget would try to call paintGL without a valid QSurface. Change-Id: Icd2659f441d2220c26dc175d66424e6c26125861 Reviewed-by: Andras Becsi <>
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