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authorJocelyn Turcotte <>2014-08-07 17:34:27 +0200
committerJocelyn Turcotte <>2014-08-14 16:43:41 +0200
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Fix the build on windows when qtwebengine.chromiumsrcdir isn't set
qtwe_chromium_obj_dir wasn't falling back to src/3rdparty if the config couldn't be found in git. Move the fallback logic to a getChromiumSrcDir qmake function, and use it in both places. The build system will now also print that the Chromium sources will follow the git config if found instead of the other way around, since this should now be the normal case as part of Qt5. Change-Id: I5ab972ab53156c1bd033518e2eb51013559491ac Reviewed-by: Andras Becsi <>
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diff --git a/tools/buildscripts/ b/tools/buildscripts/
index 60466da02..1b629c65c 100755
--- a/tools/buildscripts/
+++ b/tools/buildscripts/
@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ def getChromiumSrcDir():
if chrome_src:
chrome_src = os.path.join(qtwebengine_root, chrome_src)
+ print('Using external chromium sources specified in git config qtwebengine.chromiumsrcdir: ' + chrome_src)
if not chrome_src or not os.path.isdir(chrome_src):
chrome_src = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(qtwebengine_root, 'src/3rdparty/chromium'))
- print 'No external chromium sources were found, falling back to ' + chrome_src
return chrome_src