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Update Chromium
Submodule src/3rdparty be03c63b3..735b1a398: > [Backport] Handle long SIGSTKSZ in glibc > 2.33 > FIXUP: Fixes for jumbo build > Compile with GCC 11 -std=c++20 > FIXUP: Fix navigation when clicking on links in a PDF > FIXUP: Adapt accessibility code for our needs after chromium 90 > FIXUP: Add user script data mojo interface and traits > FIXUP: Make GpuSwitchingManager::RemoveObserver() thread safe > [Backport] Return proper value in GLES2DecoderImpl::GetUniformSetup > [Backport][Extensions] Remove string literal conversions by ASCIIToUTF16() > Disable debug info for Change-Id: I3ddb49ed6853fc78a2b857637888d66af950f8d9 Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <>
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