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\section1 QWebFrame Has Been Merged into QWebEnginePage
- It is not possible to access sub-frames. Methods of the main QWebFrame are
- now available directly through the QWebEnginePage itself.
+ HTML frames can be used to divide web pages into several areas where the content can be
+ represented individually.
+ In Qt WebKit, QWebFrame represents a frame inside a web page. Each QWebPage object contains at
+ least one frame, the main frame, obtained using QWebPage::mainFrame(). Additional frames will
+ be created for the HTML \c <frame> element, which defines the appearance and contents of a
+ single frame, or the \c <iframe> element, which inserts a frame within a block of text.
+ In Qt WebEngine, frame handling has been merged into the QWebEnginePage class. All child frames
+ are now considered part of the content, and only accessible through JavaScript. Methods of the
+ QWebFrame class, such as \c load() are now available directly through the QWebEnginePage itself.
\b {Qt WebKit}