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* Integrate with WebChannelPierre Rossi2015-02-1217-14/+601
* Add static asserts for internal file picker enumPierre Rossi2015-02-111-0/+5
* Forward the application locale in the right formatPierre Rossi2015-02-111-1/+1
* Improve quicknanobrowser example with new public API featuresAndras Becsi2015-02-096-14/+250
* Proper versioning of the Quick APISzabolcs David2015-02-063-7/+6
* Reverse the logic for download cancellationAndras Becsi2015-02-064-11/+10
* Update QML download API to match widgets and add documentationAndras Becsi2015-02-069-62/+208
* Revert the QJSValue parameter type in UIDelegateAdam Kallai2015-02-061-8/+5
* Fix the fileListingHelper template function specialisationAdam Kallai2015-02-061-4/+7
* Move settings out of experimental.Michael Brüning2015-02-065-10/+12
* Fix multi-tab browser quit action on OS XAndras Becsi2015-02-061-1/+1
* Fix Back/Forward menusPierre Rossi2015-02-061-1/+1
* Simplify access to WebContents from adapter.Pierre Rossi2015-02-053-2/+10
* Revive the widget Browser's DownloadManagerAndras Becsi2015-02-058-240/+151
* Add settings to WebEngineProfilesAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-02-0519-383/+222
* Propagate unhandled key events to the QtWebEngine view's parentJocelyn Turcotte2015-02-0514-9/+284
* Handle multiple feature requestsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-02-044-12/+36
* Update snapshot sha1Peter Varga2015-02-031-0/+0
* Fix widgets download state updateAndras Becsi2015-02-023-1/+7
* Forbid mismatching profiles when adopting web contentAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-02-024-1/+14
* Add widgets download APIAndras Becsi2015-02-027-2/+580
* Add Qt WebEngine Quick API for allowing certificate errorsPaulo Pinheiro2015-02-0218-16/+371
* Bypass the C++11 check for Visual Studio 2013.Michael Brüning2015-02-021-1/+1
* Fix the build of tst_publicapiJocelyn Turcotte2015-02-021-1/+1
* Rename HttpCacheMaxSize to HttpCacheMaximumSizeAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-01-292-9/+9
* Document geolocation featureAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-01-282-1/+2
* Update the expected list of public API testcaseAdam Kallai2015-01-282-1/+23
* Handle Shift, Ctrl and Alt key also when the keypad modifier is set.Michael Brüning2015-01-281-303/+310
* Document QQuickWebEngineProfileAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-01-271-0/+101
* Add .pch and .obj directories to .gitignoreMichael Brüning2015-01-231-0/+2
* [Windows] Enable WebGL and accelerated 2D Canvas.Michael Brüning2015-01-231-9/+0
* Move newViewRequested to the public APISzabolcs David2015-01-2316-27/+317
* Fix the new window example code GC problemsJocelyn Turcotte2015-01-236-21/+124
* Clean the file structure of quicknanobrowser and quicktestbrowserJocelyn Turcotte2015-01-2314-315/+89
* Enable building Qt WebEngine without accessiblity enabled.Michael Brüning2015-01-2318-6/+68
* Introduce ASSERT_ENUMS_MATCH macroPierre Rossi2015-01-224-14/+16
* Improve geolocation permission securityAllan Sandfeld Jensen2015-01-223-4/+16
* Import the inspectorserver auto test from qtwebkitJocelyn Turcotte2015-01-223-0/+191
* Replace the inspectable property with an environment variableJocelyn Turcotte2015-01-2212-55/+52
* Fix the inspector after the 40 updateJocelyn Turcotte2015-01-224-34/+72
* Fix the tst_navigationHistory QML testcaseAdam Kallai2015-01-221-0/+4
* Fix WebSockets after the 40 updateJocelyn Turcotte2015-01-211-7/+6
* Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into dev" into refs/staging/devFrederik Gladhorn2015-01-210-0/+0
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into devFrederik Gladhorn2015-01-190-0/+0
| |\
| | * Bump versionOswald Buddenhagen2015-01-161-1/+1
* | | Check for python version 2, minor version 7 and up when building.Michael Brüning2015-01-201-2/+2
* | | Fix gcc warning 'may be used uninitialized'Andras Becsi2015-01-201-1/+1
* | | Add DownloadItemInfo to BrowserContextAdapterClientAndras Becsi2015-01-205-32/+67
* | | Update submodule after updating Chromium to 40.0.2214.28.Zeno Albisser2015-01-201-0/+0
* | | Disable warning about use of deprecated functions on Windows.Zeno Albisser2015-01-201-1/+1