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* Updated to QtonPi Release 0.1HEADmasterRajiv M Ranganath2012-03-206-4/+3
* match release_0.1, now limited to making sysroot/rootfsbavery2012-03-1634-2535/+333
* bug fix for rpm-develbrian avery2012-01-071-0/+2
* added rpm-devel so downgrade worksBrian Avery2011-12-221-13/+7
* removed spurious debug messageBrian Avery2011-12-220-0/+0
* moved to armv5 linaro 4.5.4 compilerbavery2011-12-211-11/+1
* Added rpm macros and zypper configuration filesRajiv M Ranganath2011-11-2313-0/+1040
* Point to the right RPM_SERVER and correct number of CPUsRajiv M Ranganath2011-11-231-4/+4
* Initial commitRajiv M Ranganath2011-11-2116-0/+1509