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* qt5: upgrade to 5.14.2Mikko Gronoff2020-04-291-1/+1
* qt5: upgrade to 5.14.1Martin Jansa2020-01-271-3/+3
* qt5: Update to Qt 5.14.0Samuli Piippo2020-01-111-1/+1
* qt5: Upgrade to Qt 5.13.2Martin Jansa2019-10-311-3/+3
* qt5: Upgrade to Qt 5.13.0Samuli Piippo2019-07-151-1/+1
* qt5: upgrade to 5.12.3Martin Jansa2019-04-181-2/+2
* Upgrade to 5.12.2Mikko Gronoff2019-04-031-1/+1
* qt5: upgrade to latest revision in 5.12Martin Jansa2018-12-211-3/+3
* qt5: refresh .patch files, meta-qt5/qt* repos and their tags in recipesMartin Jansa2018-12-201-1/+1
* qt5: upgrade to 5.11.3Mikko Gronoff2018-12-201-1/+1
* qt5: update to latest revision in 5.11 branchMartin Jansa2018-09-251-2/+2
* qt5: update to Qt 5.11.2Samuli Piippo2018-09-251-1/+1
* qt5: upgrade to 5.11.1Martin Jansa2018-06-221-2/+2
* qt5: refresh the patches and update them on meta-qt5 repositoriesMartin Jansa2018-06-051-1/+1
* qt5: Update to Qt 5.11.0Samuli Piippo2018-05-301-1/+1
* qt5: upgrade to 5.11 beta3+Martin Jansa2018-04-201-2/+2
* qt5: upgrade to 5.11 AlphaMartin Jansa2018-04-201-3/+3
* qt5: refresh patches from meta-qt5/qt* reposMartin Jansa2018-02-261-1/+1
* Upgrade to Qt 5.10.1Mikko Gronoff2018-02-221-1/+1
* qt: refresh remaining patches and tags in meta-qt5 reposMartin Jansa2018-01-161-2/+2
* Upgrade to Qt 5.10.0Samuli Piippo2017-12-161-1/+1
* meta-qt5: Update to 5.9.2 releaseHerman van Hazendonk2017-10-171-1/+1
* qt: upgrade to latest revision in 5.9 branchMartin Jansa2017-08-221-2/+2
* qt: refresh remaining patches and add links to meta-qt5 reposMartin Jansa2017-08-201-0/+2
* Upgrade to Qt 5.9.0Samuli Piippo2017-08-201-1/+1
* Upgrade to Qt 5.8Samuli Piippo2017-01-261-0/+22