BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.6Don't link against libdl on any bsdEike Ziller18 months
4.0Macros: Check and reset currentMacro pointer after deletionDavid Schulz13 months
4.1Compile fix for Qt 5.9hjk7 weeks
4.2Add danish (da) translation for Qt Creator 4.0scootergrisen6 months
4.3QmlDesigner: Fix macOS menu issueThomas Hartmann2 months
4.4Update Polish translationsJarek Kobus8 days
4.5File System View: Disable "Open Projects" if directory has no projectsEike Ziller23 hours
at-masterFix wrong location of templatesEike Ziller21 months
masterSqlite: Add journal option to database constructorMarco Bubke6 hours
wip/clang-queryUtils: Improve print function for SmallStringVectorMarco Bubke11 months
v4.5.0-beta1commit eaa5cfaa98...Eike Ziller9 days
v4.4.1commit 6afdb8bdf9...Eike Ziller2 weeks
v4.4.0commit 60b8712a42...Eike Ziller7 weeks
v4.4.0-rc1commit cdffb378fd...Eike Ziller2 months
v4.4.0-beta1commit 1ebc364349...Eike Ziller3 months
v4.3.1commit e974f0733e...Eike Ziller4 months
v4.3.0commit 7482d8a152...Eike Ziller5 months
v4.3.0-rc1commit 5009bafea2...Eike Ziller5 months
v4.2.2commit 991f5eb6a5...Eike Ziller6 months
v4.3.0-beta1commit 0683281b7b...Eike Ziller7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hoursSqlite: Add journal option to database constructorHEADmasterMarco Bubke2-2/+5
6 hoursUnitTests: Add utility functions for testMarco Bubke4-2/+44
26 hoursLocator: make sure that parent dir is always firstNikita Baryshnikov1-1/+3
29 hoursUtils: Fix smallstring move assignmentMarco Bubke2-4/+7
37 hoursDesigner: ModernizeAndre Hartmann28-185/+162
37 hoursTextEditor: Add data container for editor widget paint eventDavid Schulz1-178/+194
2 daysRemoteLinux: Generalize QML tooling supportUlf Hermann5-20/+32
2 daysQmlDebug: Add a services preset for QmlPreviewUlf Hermann2-1/+5
2 daysResourceEditor: Export all node typesUlf Hermann1-5/+2
2 daysEnvironment: set LANGUAGE variable both with LC_MESSAGESTobias Hunger1-0/+7