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Answer queries from command line
Standard input is possible in Windows only in console application. This change makes installers to be console applications by default. If started as gui from command line, console is released and application is restarted so cmd.exe won't be waiting for application to finish. If started from explorer, console is launched but released immediately. This may be seen on screen with short console flash. Using command line interface messagebox strings and possible answer values for it are printed to console. Answers must be given in case sensitive format as StandardButton QMetaEnum is utilized when reading button values. This ensures that if StandardButtons are added/removed/changed the code continues to work. Also added a new option 'default-answer' which will answer the questions with default button values without user interaction. Task-number: QTIFW-1739 Change-Id: I710f921f5c927dbd13090af32f93656dded84e72 Reviewed-by: Arttu Tarkiainen <>
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@@ -116,6 +116,7 @@ CONFIG(static, static|shared) {
QT += concurrent network qml xml
CONFIG += depend_includepath no_private_qt_headers_warning c++11
+win32:CONFIG += console
exists(".git") {
GIT_SHA1 = $$system(git rev-list --abbrev-commit -n1 HEAD)