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If \c filename is absolute, the desktop entry is stored there.
Otherwise, it is stored in the location specified in
\c{$XDG_DATA_HOME/applications}, including the default path,
- as defined by
+ as defined by For system-wide installations,
+ it is stored in \c {/usr/local/share/applications} instead.
The key-value pairs are written to the file.
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\li "InstallIcons" \c directory \c [Vendorprefix]
\li Installs the contents of \c directory into a location, as
specified by That is, into
- \c {$XDG_DATA_HOME/icons} or
- \c {$HOME/.local/share/icons}. The files are removed from their initial
+ \c {$XDG_DATA_HOME/icons}, \c {$HOME/.local/share/icons} or
+ \c {/usr/local/share/icons}. The files are removed from their initial
location. Make sure to add this operation after the operation
that extracts the files from the archive.
If you provide a \c Vendorprefix it replaces all characters up to the