Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Fix replaced component uninstall4.3Katja Marttila2022-03-229-33/+138
* Show 'components to be removed' message in updater viewKatja Marttila2022-03-181-10/+7
* Do not uninstall needed virtual dependenciesKatja Marttila2022-03-184-7/+50
* Revert "Simplify QInstaller::generateTemporaryFileName()"Arttu Tarkiainen2022-03-151-11/+21
* Update IFW version to 4.3.1Katja Marttila2022-03-155-19/+19
* Fix 'Execute' operation arguments with Linux separators4.3.0Katja Marttila2022-02-221-8/+5
* CLI: Fix missing warnings when trying to install invalid componentsArttu Tarkiainen2022-02-211-0/+2
* Fix minor Japanese translationsKatja Marttila2022-02-211-2/+2
* Update ChangelogKatja Marttila2022-02-181-0/+28
* Fix extracting entries with file paths that contain unicode charactersArttu Tarkiainen2022-02-172-37/+297
* Update Japanese translation fileKatja Marttila2022-02-161-0/+16
* Update Chinese translation fileLiang Qi2022-02-101-10/+17
* Update Chinese translation fileLiang Qi2022-02-091-32/+48
* Update Polish translation fileKrzysztof Guć2022-02-091-108/+147
* Use of separators in Execute operationKatja Marttila2022-02-033-12/+43
* Libarchive: include errno code description in error stringsArttu Tarkiainen2022-02-022-20/+37
* Gain admin rights when user is missing privilege to create symlinksArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-317-7/+155
* Doc: Update toNativeSeparators/fromNativeSeparators docKatja Marttila2022-01-312-0/+20
* Remove extra linebreak from ConsumeOutput operationKatja Marttila2022-01-312-2/+2
* Do not check file existence in ConsumeOutput operationKatja Marttila2022-01-311-20/+8
* Update license headerKatja Marttila2022-01-2462-119/+119
* Update Russian translation fileKatja Marttila2022-01-241-0/+16
* Fix changeuserinterface exampleKatja Marttila2022-01-243-7/+7
* Doc: update includes listArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-241-1/+1
* Make 'override' specifier usage consistentArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-2149-357/+359
* Update libarchive sources to 3.5.2 releaseArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-2132-677/+1412
* MT: Fix setting incorrect TargetDir value when started as rootArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-201-1/+1
* RemoteObject: Fix warning on calling QLocalSocket::waitForDisconnected()Arttu Tarkiainen2022-01-203-6/+63
* Replace unnecessary includes with forward declarationsArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-2011-24/+37
* Enable 'Enter' to click Next -button in macOSKatja Marttila2022-01-201-0/+5
* Fix hard restart of maintenance toolArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-201-9/+16
* Make Updater -view checkbox selection fasterKatja Marttila2022-01-194-14/+13
* MT: Disable package manager when forced updates are foundArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-182-0/+17
* Update Arabic translation fileKatja Marttila2022-01-181-0/+16
* Add "about application" menu and dialog on macOSArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-187-9/+184
* CLI: Add <TreeName> value to 'list' and 'search' command outputsArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-172-69/+100
* Doc: note the expected image file format for customization elementsArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-171-6/+6
* Fix visibility of warnings when failing to read product imageArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-171-2/+2
* Update Polish translation fileLukasz Lewandowski2022-01-171-1/+1
* Use Next as default buttonKatja Marttila2022-01-141-6/+2
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.0'Arttu Tarkiainen2022-01-133-9/+8
| * Remove IFW tools signing4.0Katja Marttila2021-01-281-9/+0
| * Embed target language in translation filesKai Köhne2021-01-146-6/+6
| * Don't call toLower() when using the lang for finding the license fileAndy Shaw2021-01-141-1/+1
| * Doc: Note the unique name requirement for files referred in config.xmlArttu Tarkiainen2020-12-211-0/+4
| * Open the top treeview item after pressing 'Filter'Katja Marttila2020-12-211-0/+1
| * Doc: Mark <InstallerWindowIcon> as Linux and Windows only elementArttu Tarkiainen2020-12-101-0/+1
| * Remove references to <Icon> elementArttu Tarkiainen2020-12-102-8/+2
* | Update Portuguese translation fileKatja Marttila2022-01-121-0/+16
* | Fix executing tests when configured without libarchive supportArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-111-3/+3