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* Move LZMA SDK to 3rdparty subdirectoryArttu Tarkiainen2022-04-13244-45425/+0
* Update source tree with version 9.38.beta of LZMA SDK.Karsten Heimrich2015-06-10275-15408/+23852
* Reset to only use the basic LZMA SDK (Windows).kh12013-05-08292-61710/+17
* Make IFW compile with mingw.kh12013-01-291-2/+2
* MinGW: fix constness for CByteDynBuffer::operator Byte*Sergei Lopatin2012-10-261-1/+1
* Revert "Fixes required for errorless MinGW-w64 compilation are done."kh12012-08-2238-83/+69
* Fixes required for errorless MinGW-w64 compilation are done.tjenssen2012-08-1038-69/+83
* Reorganize the tree, have better ifw.pri. Shadow build support.kh12012-03-19566-0/+98674