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* Optimize Updates.xml parsingKatja Marttila6 days4-1/+46
* Optimize Updates.xml parsingKatja Marttila2023-02-092-0/+2
* Check sha1 checksum per repositoryKatja Marttila2023-02-0923-1/+303
* Add common base class for the installer calculator classesArttu Tarkiainen2023-02-081-25/+25
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.5'Arttu Tarkiainen2023-01-272-4/+3
| * Support detecting invalid dependency resolutions on component selectionArttu Tarkiainen2023-01-262-4/+3
* | Tests: fix 'make check' failing after consecutive callsArttu Tarkiainen2022-12-221-5/+5
* | Optimize Updates.xml parsingKatja Marttila2022-12-222-0/+16
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.5' into masterKatja Marttila2022-12-1320-9/+222
| * Fix replaced removal on updateKatja Marttila2022-12-019-0/+84
| * Cleanup installer calculator classesKatja Marttila2022-11-301-5/+1
| * Make Settings operation to support _OLD and placeholdersKatja Marttila2022-11-255-2/+86
| * Fix errors occurring in full uninstall on macOSKatja Marttila2022-11-255-0/+49
| * Fix updater view behavior for non-checkable componentsArttu Tarkiainen2022-11-241-2/+2
* | Add test for essential content sha updateKatja Marttila2022-12-128-6/+83
* | Add possibility to post load install scriptsKatja Marttila2022-11-047-12/+71
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.5'Arttu Tarkiainen2022-11-033-0/+53
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.4' into 4.5Arttu Tarkiainen2022-11-033-0/+53
| |\
| | * Windows: fix installation error with concurrent Extract operationsArttu Tarkiainen2022-09-013-0/+53
* | | Tests: Fix debug messages from cli testKatja Marttila2022-10-311-24/+31
|/ /
* | Add possibility to synchronize metadata cache manuallyArttu Tarkiainen2022-10-211-0/+26
* | Allow generation and signing of MT in macosKatja Marttila2022-10-204-6/+6
* | Add auto-tests for metadata cacheArttu Tarkiainen2022-10-209-1/+411
* | Add persistent metadata file cacheArttu Tarkiainen2022-10-1423-10/+39
* | Optimize retrieving components by nameArttu Tarkiainen2022-10-111-3/+2
* Tests: Delete temporary install dir in commandlineupdateKatja Marttila2022-06-061-43/+24
* Convert possible test cases to data-driven testsKatja Marttila2022-06-0636-604/+768
* Replace QSettingsWrapper::Format with QSettings::FormatKatja Marttila2022-05-272-3/+2
* Workaround QSettings / QDateTime incompatibility with Qt 6 applicationsArttu Tarkiainen2022-05-171-2/+37
* Do not install new dependencies for installed componentsKatja Marttila2022-05-1610-2/+120
* Fix updating autodependency componentsKatja Marttila2022-05-132-5/+45
* Tests: Use data driven tests for commandlineupdateKatja Marttila2022-05-1321-146/+469
* Tests: Add detailed information about installer resource failsKatja Marttila2022-05-121-5/+7
* Speed up component selection in component selection pagesKatja Marttila2022-04-281-7/+24
* 3rdparty: deprecate usage of LZMA SDKArttu Tarkiainen2022-04-133-6/+15
* Repogen: allow usage of --update-new-components with unified metadataArttu Tarkiainen2022-03-311-1/+39
* CLI: Add error message for trying to install unstable componentsArttu Tarkiainen2022-03-291-5/+10
* Add install reason why component is uninstalledKatja Marttila2022-03-241-7/+19
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.3' into masterKatja Marttila2022-03-226-3/+91
| * Fix replaced component uninstall4.3Katja Marttila2022-03-226-3/+91
* | Add click option for product imageKatja Marttila2022-03-211-1/+3
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.3' into masterKatja Marttila2022-02-182-6/+62
| * Fix extracting entries with file paths that contain unicode charactersArttu Tarkiainen2022-02-171-5/+61
| * Remove extra linebreak from ConsumeOutput operationKatja Marttila2022-01-311-1/+1
* | Update license headerKatja Marttila2022-01-273-45/+12
* Update license headerKatja Marttila2022-01-245-9/+9
* Make 'override' specifier usage consistentArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-211-4/+4
* RemoteObject: Fix warning on calling QLocalSocket::waitForDisconnected()Arttu Tarkiainen2022-01-202-3/+57
* Make Updater -view checkbox selection fasterKatja Marttila2022-01-191-1/+1
* CLI: Add <TreeName> value to 'list' and 'search' command outputsArttu Tarkiainen2022-01-171-11/+21