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authorMarcelo Lira <marcelo.lira@openbossa.org>2011-12-23 15:10:17 -0300
committerHugo Parente Lima <hugo.pl@gmail.com>2012-03-09 19:10:21 -0300
commit4889efc199243af54cf71accffb3f9554cba933d (patch)
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Added the "<custom-type>" tag, and better requirements for function signatures.sb-0.10.10
Trying to find a non-qualified (without scope information) class, found in a function signature or return type, was a bad idea for it makes the parsing awfully slow when dealing with huge libraries. If the user writes a type in short form in a function signature (e.g. "SomeClass", instead of "Namespace::SomeClass"), APIExtractor will exit with a message indicating the error and the possible candidates for the type. The "<custom-type>" tag is for types of the target language ("PyObject" in Python, for instance) and will be handled by the generator. Reviewed by Hugo Parente <hugo.lima@openbossa.org> Reviewed by Paulo Alcantara <pcacjr@gmail.com>
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diff --git a/abstractmetabuilder.cpp b/abstractmetabuilder.cpp
index abdf5c70..1d01e9ce 100644
--- a/abstractmetabuilder.cpp
+++ b/abstractmetabuilder.cpp
@@ -2018,8 +2018,25 @@ AbstractMetaType* AbstractMetaBuilder::translateType(double vr, const AddedFunct
if (!type) {
- type = new TypeEntry(typeInfo.name, TypeEntry::CustomType, vr);
- typeDb->addType(type);
+ QStringList candidates;
+ SingleTypeEntryHash entries = typeDb->entries();
+ foreach (QString candidate, entries.keys()) {
+ // Let's try to find the type in different scopes.
+ if (candidate.endsWith("::"+typeName))
+ candidates << candidate;
+ }
+ QString msg = QString("Type '%1' wasn't found in the type database.\n").arg(typeName);
+ if (candidates.isEmpty())
+ qFatal(qPrintable(QString(msg + "Declare it in the type system using the proper <*-type> tag.")), NULL);
+ msg += "Remember to inform the full qualified name for the type you want to use.\nCandidates are:\n";
+ candidates.sort();
+ foreach (const QString& candidate, candidates) {
+ msg += " " + candidate + "\n";
+ }
+ qFatal(qPrintable(msg), NULL);
AbstractMetaType* metaType = createMetaType();