BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.5Scene Graph Painted Item Example: Prototypically enable QML debuggingFriedemann Kleint5 months
6.5.2Pin qt5#6.5.2 sha1 and bump version numbers for releaseSimo Fält9 months
6.5.3Fix syntax error in Shiboken.pyiFriedemann Kleint7 months
6.6signature: Fix an old refcounting bugChristian Tismer2 weeks
6.6.1Pin Qt5#sha1 and bump version numbers for 6.6.1 releaseSimo Fält5 months
6.6.2Pin qt5 sha1 for 6.6.2 release, take 2Simo Fält2 months Add multimedia dependencies to Qt artifactsAdrian Herrmann3 weeks
6.7shiboken6: Fix minor issues in code generationFriedemann Kleint4 hours
6.7.0Update changelog 6.7.0Friedemann Kleint13 days
devExamples: Fix contactlist applicationShyamnath Premnadh2 hours
v6.7.0commit 06744deed8...Jani Heikkinen6 days
v6.6.3commit d95105731c...Simo Fält3 weeks
v6.6.2commit 9c4fa0b5ac...Simo Fält2 months
v6.6.1commit 3a63e748fc...Simo Fält3 months
v5.15.12-lts-lgplcommit b642cfa372...Simo Fält3 months
v5.15.11-lts-lgplcommit 568797c36a...Simo Fält3 months
v6.6.0commit d90348de1e...Simo Fält6 months
v6.5.3commit 2f27264a7a...Simo Fält6 months
v6.5.2commit eeecb46534...Simo Fält9 months
v5.15.10-lts-lgplcommit 643237181d...Simo Fält10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 hoursExamples: Fix contactlist applicationHEADdevShyamnath Premnadh1-1/+2
3 hourslibshiboken: Remove unnecessary std::string usageFriedemann Kleint1-1/+1
3 hourspyside6-project: Add a rule for pyside6-qsbFriedemann Kleint2-1/+8
3 hoursTooling: add pyside6-balsamShyamnath Premnadh6-3/+83
3 hoursTooling: Add pyside6-qsbShyamnath Premnadh7-4/+65
5 hoursDocumentation: Add instructions for using address sanitizerFriedemann Kleint1-0/+13
10 hoursRemove pyinstaller from requirements.txtFriedemann Kleint1-3/+0
11 hoursDocumentation: Fix warning about ambiguous link to APIFriedemann Kleint1-1/+1
24 hoursDocumentation: Ensure deterministic order of function overloadsFriedemann Kleint1-3/+8
30 hoursshiboken6: Fix minor issues in code generationFriedemann Kleint1-2/+2