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authorMarcelo Lira <marcelo.lira@openbossa.org>2011-02-16 08:22:51 -0300
committerHugo Parente Lima <hugo.pl@gmail.com>2012-03-09 19:10:15 -0300
commit2ca6e422c0a4c58fad74fe523abb25716df81ce2 (patch)
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parent6fda7c1130e1ca7512ea2936ce2336722381fe07 (diff)
Added the "ApiExtractor::setDropTypeEntries(QString)" method.
It gets a string of semicolon (;) separated type system entry names that will be passed to the type system parser to deal with the given entries. Reviewed by Lauro Moura <lauro.neto@openbossa.org> Reviewed by Luciano Wolf <luciano.wolf@openbossa.org>
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diff --git a/apiextractor.h b/apiextractor.h
index b7d85c3f..9874d127 100644
--- a/apiextractor.h
+++ b/apiextractor.h
@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ public:
void addIncludePath(const QStringList& paths);
void setLogDirectory(const QString& logDir);
void setApiVersion(double version);
+ void setDropTypeEntries(QString dropEntries);
AbstractMetaEnumList globalEnums() const;
AbstractMetaFunctionList globalFunctions() const;