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Added documentation for function tag.
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@@ -60,8 +60,7 @@ rejection
*optional* **function-name** or **field-name** attributes to reject a particular
function or field. Note that the **field-name** and **function-name** cannot
be specified at the same time. To remove all occurrences of a given field or
- function, set the class attribute to \*. You can use an empty class field
- to denote a global function.
+ function, set the class attribute to \*.
.. _primitive-type:
@@ -254,4 +253,20 @@ container-type
container. It can be: *list*, *string-list*, *linked-list*, *vector*, *stack*,
*queue*, *set*, *map*, *multi-map*, *hash*, *multi-hash* or *pair*.
+.. _function:
+ The function node indicates that the given C++ global function is mapped onto
+ the target language.
+ .. code-block:: xml
+ <typesystem>
+ <function signature="..." />
+ </typesystem>
+ This tag has some limitations, it doesn't support function modifications, besides you
+ can't add a function overload using :ref:`add-function` tag to an existent function.
+ These limitation will be addressed in future versions of ApiExtractor.