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Reactivated 'reference-count' tag.
The type system tag '<reference-count action="Add|Remove|..."/>' used on argument modification was uncommented, documentation was written and a unit test was created for it. Reviewed by Hugo Parente <hugo.lima@openbossa.org>
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<define-ownership class="target | shell"
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- </modify-argument>
+ </modify-argument>
+ The reference-count tag dictates how an argument should be handled by the
+ target language reference counting system (if there is any), it also indicates
+ the kind of relationship the class owning the function being modified has with
+ the argument. For instance, in a model/view relation a view receiving a model
+ as argument for a **setModel** method should increment the model's reference
+ counting, since the model should be kept alive as much as the view lives.
+ Remember that out hypothetical view could not become parent of the model,
+ since the said model could be used by other views as well.
+ The ``action`` attribute specifies what should be done to the argument
+ reference counting when the modified method is called. It accepts the
+ following values:
+ * add: increments the argument reference counter.
+ * remove: decrements the argument reference counter.
+ * ignore: does nothing with the argument reference counter
+ (sounds worthless, but could be used in situations
+ where the reference counter increase is mandatory
+ by default).
+ .. code-block:: xml
+ <modify-argument>
+ <reference-count action="add|remove|ignore" />
+ </modify-argument>