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Avoid too much stickiness when using --reuse-build
We had some unwanted cache effects and needed to manually remove certain files before building. Otherwise it could happen that a build pretended to be ok, although there was a bug that prevented generation of the ".pyi" files. Further investigation showed: Using option "--reuse-build" with "no" and then with "yes" creates errors in the signature module. This makes "reuse-build" useless in this case. We now add an "a" to "pyside3d_build" as "pside3da_build" if "--limited-api=yes" was given. (different proposals welcome.) That solved most of the stickiness problems. A left-over lock directory is removed now, since it would prevent re-computation of the .pyi files. This is implemented by a recursive call to the script, where the subprocess does the work and the main process checks if there was a crash and removes the lock. The "--skip" parameter of generate_pyi.py was refined: When set, it is checked if the time stamp of all imported modules is less than the ".pyi" file time stamp. Only then the generation is skipped. By editing any involved python file, the ".pyi" files will be regenerated. Task-number: PYSIDE-560 Change-Id: I1b1d8ffbc58db3d4b38bf65e3795efcad7e7870c Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <alexandru.croitor@qt.io>
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