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shiboken: Streamline the type parsing code
- Remove bool *ok-parameter from AbstractMetaBuilderPrivate::translateType() It was only used to handle the special case of void return values of functions where translateType() returned nullptr/ok = true. Add a check TypeInfo::isVoid for this purpose and move this handling to traverseFunction instead. For all other cases, translateType() returning nullptr means failure. - Remove the code triggered by the bool resolveScope parameter of AbstractMetaBuilderPrivate::translateType(). It has been observed to not find any matches, likely due to the types being fully qualified by Clang. - Remove function AbstractMetaBuilderPrivate::decideUsagePattern() which was a one-liner calling AbstractMetaType::decideUsagePattern() Task-number: PYSIDE-672 Change-Id: I0336896917cb914d4d622eefa0a21e6e319efa0f Reviewed-by: Cristian Maureira-Fredes <cristian.maureira-fredes@qt.io> Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <alexandru.croitor@qt.io>
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