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@@ -201,13 +201,14 @@ Building and installing PySide distribution
- $ sudo easy_install-2.7 dist/PySide-1.2.0.egg
+ $ sudo easy_install-2.7 dist/PySide-1.2.0-py2.7.egg
-#. If installing package that was built with --standalone option,
- run the post-install script:
+#. After the successful build, install the distribution with easy_install
+ and run the post-install script:
+ $ sudo easy_install-2.7 dist/PySide-1.2.0-py2.7.egg
$ sudo python2.7 pyside_postinstall.py -install
PySide Setup Script command line options
@@ -324,10 +325,6 @@ PySide
- Fix multiple segfaults and better track the life time of Qt objects
- Fix multiple memory leaks
-- Configure Qt library at import time - there is no more need to call
- post-install script when installing PySide via easy_install.
- *Note that post-install is still required on POSIX platform
- when installing package that was built with --standalone option*.
@@ -338,9 +335,10 @@ Shiboken
+- On Windows system, when installing PySide binary distribution via easy_install,
+ there is mo more need to call the post-install script
- Support for building windows binaries outside of Visual Studio command prompt
- Build and package the shiboken docs when sphinx is installed
-- Documentation updates and multiple bug fixes
Complete list of changes and bug fixes