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-How to generate this documentation
-You will need:
-1. Qt4 source code (for API documentation).
-2. Generator runner with shiboken plugin
-3. PySide source code
-4. cmake
-5. sphinx
-6. graphviz
-Extracting documentation from Qt4
-The API documentation is generated from source code comments (for now, just
-``qdoc3`` tool is supported, ``doxygen`` support will be added soon).
-``qdoc3`` is the tool used to generate the oficial Qt4 documentation, you will
-use it to generate a bunch of XML files that will be used by the generator
-to create the documentation.
-You need to tell PySide where it can find the Qt source code, to do this, when running cmake add the following parameters:
- $ mkdir build
- $ make apidoc
- $ make apidocinstall
- * *PATH_TO_QT_SOURCE_DIR* is the path to the Qt sources.
-The documentation will be installed at ``<INSTALL_PREFIX>/share/doc/pyside/index.html``, change
-the *CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX* value if you want to install the documentation in another
-If you want to have inheritance graphs on the generated documentation, make sure you have the bindings installed before generate the documentation.