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* Added the "ApiExtractor::setDropTypeEntries(QString)" method.Marcelo Lira2012-03-091-0/+1
* Added methods ApiExtractor::findAbstractMetaEnum.Marcelo Lira2012-03-091-0/+5
* Implemented support to flag "since" on typesystem.Renato Filho2012-03-091-1/+1
* APIExtractor is a huge amount of legacy code inherited from QtScriptGenerator,Hugo Lima2009-11-131-1/+2
* Add the option to set the directory where all log files will be created.Hugo Lima2009-09-111-0/+3
* Added a lot of helper methods to APIExtractor interfaceHugo Lima2009-08-211-0/+12
* - Correctly initialize and delete the AbstractMetaBuilderHugo Lima2009-08-201-1/+2
* Removed all generator stuff from APIExtractor, this stuff should be moved to ...Hugo Lima2009-08-201-20/+15
* The genesis...Hugo Lima2009-08-171-0/+63