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* Remove the need to use the post-install script on Mac OS platform and ↵Christian Tismer2015-06-201-192/+0
| | | | update the docs.
* improve the error output of pyside_postinstall, see issue #42Christian Tismer2015-04-151-1/+3
| | | | Change-Id: If9341948d5187214d832669d7e27523bc7663710
* Remove the need to use the post-install script on Linux platform by patching ↵Roman Lacko2014-12-051-156/+14
| | | | the rpath at build time + exclude patchelf executable from binary distribution
* make line endings universalChristian Tismer2014-05-061-332/+332
| | | | Change-Id: Ic55348912668840b66e7343fbc613cb46ed474a0
* Fixed shebang lineRoman Lacko2014-05-051-1/+1
* add a "safe" shebang to pyside_postinstall.pyChristian Tismer2014-04-281-0/+1
| | | | | | | This shebang works, even with DOS line endings on OSX. Without this added shebang, the niceness of having this script in the bin dir becomes really annoying under Mavericks, because it then becomes pretty hard to run the post install script explicitly.
* fix a python3 postinstall glitchChristian Tismer2013-10-181-0/+3
| | | | I thought this post install bug was fixed long ago?
* Minor code cleanupRoman Lacko2013-08-131-1/+1
* Since version 1.2.0 there is no need to run post install procedure on win32Roman Lacko2013-07-021-0/+5
* Fixed platform name checkingRoman Lacko2013-05-211-1/+1
* Distribute OpenSSL DLLs in openssl subfolderRoman Lacko2013-05-171-1/+1
* FIX: add support for rpath patching in OSXMatthew Brett2012-11-061-17/+166
| | | | | | | The code adds rpaths to allow local relative libraries to get loaded at link time, for linux only, using the patchelf binary. This commit adds some routines to do the equivalent thing in OSX, using the ``otool`` and ``install_name_tool`` binaries.
* Add shiboken python module to distibution packageRoman Lacko2012-09-281-1/+1
* Initial commit (copy of lck/pyside-dist repo)Roman Lacko2012-06-041-0/+174