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* Move inject-code snippets to separate filesCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-11-2247-3027/+3924
* Improve enum type operations implementationCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-11-204-85/+102
* Pyside2: Fix crash invoking QScxmlStateMachine::submitEvent(QScxmlEvent*)Friedemann Kleint2018-11-201-1/+7
* Update string treatment for VoidPtrCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-11-201-0/+8
* Add std::nullptr_t supportCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-11-195-1/+93
* Doc: Update the apidoc cmake step to copy shiboken doc htmlsVenugopal Shivashankar2018-11-153-3/+12
* Signature: Implement Nested Classes and Functions for ShibokenChristian Tismer2018-11-158-293/+447
* shiboken: Generate static_cast for constructor parameters with spaceFriedemann Kleint2018-11-141-2/+7
* License documentation: Fix file name of bufferproc headerFriedemann Kleint2018-11-141-1/+1
* Remove createIndex method that uses PyObject*Cristian Maureira-Fredes2018-11-134-55/+13
* Add tutorials to the documentationCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-11-056-0/+497
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into 5.12Friedemann Kleint2018-11-012-7/+5
| * QIODevice bindings: Fix invalid reads in read() functionsFriedemann Kleint2018-10-312-7/+5
* | Revert "Terrible workaround fix for hanging tests on macOS 10.12"Alexandru Croitor2018-10-311-1/+1
* | shiboken: Remove defunct code trying to merge namespacesFriedemann Kleint2018-10-303-15/+4
* | PySide2: Pass on the result from native event filtersFriedemann Kleint2018-10-301-0/+2
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into 5.12Friedemann Kleint2018-10-2914-26/+35
|\ \ | |/
| * Fix Memory Leak Caused By Wrong Limited API DefaultChristian Tismer2018-10-2913-26/+31
| * Add qCompress/qUncompress bindingsCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-10-221-0/+4
* | PySide2: Re-enable native event filtersFriedemann Kleint2018-10-266-10/+98
* | Qt3DInput: add more classes and ownership transferCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-10-251-2/+15
* | Qt3DCore: add more classes and ownership rulesCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-10-241-3/+30
* | Improve build rules for module generationAlexandru Croitor2018-10-238-7/+42
* | Sort writing of type indices when generating module header fileAlexandru Croitor2018-10-231-1/+8
* | Stop updating timestamps of generated files that haven't changedAlexandru Croitor2018-10-232-27/+2
* | libpyside: Port DynamicQMetaObject to QMetaObjectBuilderFriedemann Kleint2018-10-2211-694/+344
* | Add snippet extraction to shibokenFriedemann Kleint2018-10-206-9/+103
* | shiboken/ApiExtractor tests: Use qrc files for test resourcesFriedemann Kleint2018-10-205-13/+22
* | shiboken: Use class FileOut for the module source file as wellFriedemann Kleint2018-10-195-27/+43
* | shiboken: Set multiline for the regular expressions for warning suppressionFriedemann Kleint2018-10-191-1/+2
* | Fix build on 32bit WindowsFriedemann Kleint2018-10-191-0/+5
* | Update documentationCristian Maureira-Fredes2018-10-194-20/+23
* | Update the pyside2-tools submodule sha1Alexandru Croitor2018-10-191-0/+0
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11' into 5.12Friedemann Kleint2018-10-181-1/+1
|\ \ | |/
| * Fix crash when using a MSVC debug buildFriedemann Kleint2018-10-171-1/+1
* | libpyside: Introduce helper functions for accessing TypeUserData and meta obj...Friedemann Kleint2018-10-165-24/+56
* | Fix crash when garbage collecting in a non-GUI threadFriedemann Kleint2018-10-1516-13/+127
* | Allow building shiboken2 and PySide2 as separate wheelsAlexandru Croitor2018-10-1212-76/+219
* | Implement Different Signature LayoutsChristian Tismer2018-10-114-53/+246
* | Prepare the Signature Module For More ApplicationsChristian Tismer2018-10-1115-201/+503
* | Signature: Produce Correctly Nested Python InterfacesChristian Tismer2018-10-103-6/+19
* | Simplify and correct the new_inherited_functions testChristian Tismer2018-10-081-86/+67
* | libpyside: Fix warning about QMetaObject being forward-declared as classFriedemann Kleint2018-10-021-2/+4
* | libpyside: Replace foreach by range-based forFriedemann Kleint2018-10-023-4/+4
* | Get Rid Of "register" Warnings In Python 2Christian Tismer2018-10-022-1/+29
* | libpyside: Clean up #include directivesFriedemann Kleint2018-10-0222-82/+84
* | shiboken: Check whether enum should be converted to int for the protected hackFriedemann Kleint2018-10-017-2/+47
* | libpyside: Remove deprecated GlobalReceiverFriedemann Kleint2018-10-015-459/+0
* | PySide2: Replace macro check_qt_class by the Qt configure systemFriedemann Kleint2018-10-014-100/+62
* | shiboken: Refactor finding of enumsFriedemann Kleint2018-09-287-66/+17