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* Make standalone option work on LinuxAlexandru Croitor2017-11-151-5/+5
| | | | | | | | | | | | | Changes were made to copy the correct Qt shared libraries into the package (updated to Qt5 naming). A new rpath value will be inserted alongside $ORIGIN, to point to the copied over libraries. Also because symlinks are not supported by wheels, the actual Qt libraries have to be copied instead of the symlinks. Change-Id: I656a89a0b0136a290752bca141125bdeb5bb44d5 Task-number: PYSIDE-558 Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com>
* Make standalone option work on macOSAlexandru Croitor2017-11-151-3/+7
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | Implements standalone option on macOS, both for .dylib Qt build and framework build. Multiple rules are applied to figure out which files need to be copied into the final package. We also take care to embed a proper LC_RPATH for the PySide libraries, so that they point to the copied over Qt libraries. Change-Id: I442749e7c2318a66a22e3a1dd0ae703fb8943acf Task-number: PYSIDE-558 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@qt.io> Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com>
* Fix rpath handling on macOSAlexandru Croitor2017-11-151-30/+64
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This change ultimately allows running python scripts that use PySide2 without setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH / DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH. It is achieved by embedding a @loader_path LC_RPATH into all PySide shared libraries, so that they can load each other if they have dependencies. Also an additional LC_RPATH is embedded to point to the Qt libraries directory which was used for building PySide2. A new option "--rpath='your_value'" is available to allow manually specifying the rpath value to be embedded into the libraries. Change-Id: Id783196e908877692312b1d40fef4ad0b09f3e68 Task-number: PYSIDE-558 Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com> Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@qt.io>
* utils: Handle SymlinksFriedemann Kleint2017-06-091-3/+22
| | | | | | | | | Try to recreate the .so version symlinks correctly on Linux instead of copying the files. Task-number: PYSIDE-526 Change-Id: I3b015efe4f2f57abe418f171a8631d194ed08f65 Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com>
* Fix run_process_output to work with Python 3Alexandru Croitor2016-09-201-1/+1
| | | | | | | | Strings are already encoded as utf8, so there is no need to call decode on them. Change-Id: Idfaaa5f5092fb6010ea64b7abf754d7b343d07e5 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@qt.io>
* setup.py: Make prepareSubModules() a bit smarterFriedemann Kleint2016-09-161-0/+10
| | | | | | | | | | | | Avoid unnecessarily re-initializing the submodules and checking out branches. In a first loop, collect the subdirectories and check whether any are missing. Initialize submodules only in that case. In the second loop, check out the correct branch if it differs. Change-Id: I3c16fd9b7bd6feb77b7b921d61f7e622cfab797f Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <alexandru.croitor@qt.io>
* pyside-setup: Print directory in run_process().Friedemann Kleint2016-05-111-2/+1
| | | | | | | Change-Id: Iaa22b81c4e18e2490cedc547443a58680cd7764b Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <alexandru.croitor@theqtcompany.com> Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com> Reviewed-by: Alex Blasche <alexander.blasche@theqtcompany.com>
* fix an old installer error with rpath.Christian Tismer2015-06-271-5/+11
| | | | | | This bug is old, but showed up after I tried to build parts of PySide for Qt5. Problem: There are rpath entries which don't trigger creation of an rpath command. This can be seen when Qt is not linked, and qtcore has an explicit path.
* Remove the need to use the post-install script on Mac OS platform and ↵Christian Tismer2015-06-201-1/+137
| | | | update the docs.
* Remove the need to use the post-install script on Linux platform by patching ↵Roman Lacko2014-12-051-3/+7
| | | | the rpath at build time + exclude patchelf executable from binary distribution
* Fix bug in utils.copydir when no destination directory is created.Paul Romano2014-09-091-21/+22
* Re-generate examples Qt resource files for Python 3 compatibility when ↵Roman Lacko2014-04-211-0/+20
| | | | preparing binary packages
* Code cleanupRoman Lacko2013-08-201-49/+42
* Properly initialize Windows SDK environment via SetEnv.cmd. Prefer Visual ↵Roman Lacko2013-08-051-3/+66
| | | | C++ environment script if exists (vcvars32/64.bat)
* Removed --msvc-version option. Required MSVC compiler version is now ↵Roman Lacko2013-08-011-41/+22
| | | | resolved from python interpreter version
* Support for building windows binaries with only Windows SDK installed ↵Roman Lacko2013-07-131-22/+80
| | | | (Visual Studio is no more required)
* Fixed missing importRoman Lacko2013-07-121-0/+1
* Fix path updates to not store the lower() version of the original path values.Robin Dunn2013-06-031-1/+1
* Remove unused codeRoman Lacko2013-05-211-17/+5
* Return only installed vcvarsall.bat when searching vcvarsall.bat in systemRoman Lacko2013-05-051-1/+3
* Fixed "develop" setuptools command + fixed building on windows when msvc ↵Roman Lacko2013-04-301-0/+56
| | | | environment was not properly initialized.
* Support for building windows binaries outside Visual Studio Command Prompt ↵Roman Lacko2013-04-251-2/+9
| | | | using the --msvc-version option. The MSVC environment is now properly initialized by setup script.
* Introduce option --msvc-version to specify version of MSVC compiler. Use ↵Roman Lacko2013-04-251-5/+64
| | | | that optition to get MSVC environment variables.
* Fix missing WindowsError on POSIX platformsRoman Lacko2013-04-191-0/+5
* Don't copy empty folders in copydir() functionRoman Lacko2013-04-191-3/+2
* Show info about the running process in logRoman Lacko2013-03-251-10/+12
* Don't use custom popenasync module on linux to run commands. This fixes ↵Roman Lacko2012-09-071-1/+12
| | | | following error: can't concatenate bytes to None
* Introduced new command line options --version and --list-versionsRoman Lacko2012-07-311-0/+26
* use standard string format function instead of custom implementationRoman Lacko2012-07-161-16/+9
* new --standalone option, when enabled, package qt libs on linuxRoman Lacko2012-06-071-0/+6
* Initial commit (copy of lck/pyside-dist repo)Roman Lacko2012-06-041-0/+177