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bare-metal: Add possibility to create the KEIL toolchain profile
... from the qbs console using the 'setup-toolchains' command. To create the KEIL profile it is enougth to use the following command: qbs setup-toolchains --type keil <path/to/keil/compiler/binary> <profile name> A toolchain type can be omitted; in this case the QBS will tries to detect the toolchain type from the specified compiler name. Also it is possible to auto-detect the KEIL toolchain from the PATH environment using the following command: qbs setup-toolchain --detect At current time are supported the following KEIL toolchains: * for 8051 * for ARM Change-Id: I80241866c3ec49a4294d896c70b65b75a2341a2a Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@qt.io>
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\li \c mingw
\li \c msvc
\li \c iar
+ \li \c keil
//! [type]