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bare-metal: Add IAR EWARM toolchain support on Windows
This commit adds a basic support of the IAR Embedded Workbench toolchain for the ARM processors on Windows host. To use it with Qt Creator, it is enough to add there a desired Kit with a custom IAR C/C++ compiler, and then set the following in the Kit's Qbs profile settings: * Key: qbs.toolchainType * Value: iar To specify the target CPU/FPU you need to set the cpp.driverFlags property, like this: cpp.driverFlags: [ "--cpu", "Cortex-M4", "--fpu", "VFPv4_sp" ] Then these flags will be automatically passed to both compiler and assembler. To specify the linker flags you need to set the cpp.driverLinkerFlags property instead of cpp.linkerFlags property, like this: cpp.driverLinkerFlags: ["--vfe"] To add the linker script files you need to set the 'linkerscript' tag, e.g. in the following way: Group { name: "Linker scripts" fileTags: ["linkerscript"] files: ["stm32f407xx_flash.icf"] } Other properties can be used as usual, according to the EWARM compiler documentation. Tested with EWARM v8.20.2, v6.50.3 on Windows using: * STM NUCLEO-F767ZI * STM 32F4DISCOVERY target boards. Change-Id: I3c42eb94051352cb3b7eb5b0768a1dc8bdacabce Reviewed-by: Richard Weickelt <richard@weickelt.de> Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@qt.io>
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@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ macro.nodefaultvalue = "Default: Undefined"
macro.appleproperty = "This property is specific to Apple platforms."
macro.unixproperty = "This property is specific to Unix platforms."
macro.windowsproperty = "This property is specific to Windows."
+macro.baremetalproperty = "This property is specific to bare-metal platforms."
macro.funsince.HTML = "<p>This function was introduced in version \1.</p>"
macro.aacute.HTML = "&aacute;"
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+ \qmlproperty bool cpp::generateMapFile
+ \since Qbs 1.13
+ \baremetalproperty
+ Whether to auto-generate a linker map file.
+ \defaultvalue \c{true}