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\ingroup list-of-items
\keyword QML.Profile
- \brief Creates a profile within the project
+ \brief Creates a profile within the project.
The profiles used by \QBS are normally set up on a user's machine and are then available
to all projects. See the \l Configuring section for information on how to set up and
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\inqmlmodule QbsModules
\since Qbs 1.10
- \brief Provides support for fine-tuning CPU features
+ \brief Provides support for fine-tuning CPU features.
The \c cpufeatures module offers properties for enabling or disabling specific CPU features.
Use it if you want to override the compiler defaults for a given platform.
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\inqmlmodule QbsModules
\since Qbs 1.9
- \brief Provides support for building Apple Disk Images
+ \brief Provides support for building Apple Disk Images.
The \c dmg module contains properties and rules for building Apple Disk Images, which are
typically used to distribute applications and installers on macOS.
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\inqmlmodule QbsModules
\since Qbs 1.13
- \brief Provides support for text template files
+ \brief Provides support for text template files.
The \c texttemplate module provides support for text template files.
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\inqmlmodule QbsModules
\since Qbs 1.10
- \brief Provides support for version control systems
+ \brief Provides support for version control systems.
The \c vcs module provides the current state of the project's repository via
the \l{vcs::}{repoState} property. By default, a \c C header is also