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Document how to add QML files to a project
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\li \l{How do I apply C/C++ preprocessor macros to only a subset of the files in my product?}
\li \l{How do I make the state of my Git repository available to my source files?}
\li \l{How do I limit the number of concurrent jobs for the linker only?}
+ \li \l{How do I add QML files to a project?}
\section1 How do I build a Qt-based project?
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Job limits set on the command line override those from the settings, which in turn
override the ones defined within a project. Use the \c{--enforce-project-job-limits}
option to give the job limits defined via \c JobLimit items maximum precedence.
+ \section1 How do I add QML files to a project?
+ The simplest way to add QML files to a project is to add them to a
+ \l {The Qt Resource System}{resource file}:
+ \code
+ QtGuiApplication {
+ // ...
+ files: "main.cpp"
+ Group {
+ prefix: "qml/"
+ files: ["main.qml", "HomePage.qml"]
+ fileTags: ["qml", "qt.core.resource_data"]
+ }
+ }
+ \endcode
+ In the example above, we declare each QML file as having the
+ \l {filetags-qtcore}{"qt.core.resource_data"} file tag. This ensures
+ that it is added to a generated resource file.