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baremetal: Introduce new cpp::generate{Assembler|Compiler}ListingFiles
This properties enables or disables generation of a compiler or assembler listing files. Reason why we need in this property is in that some compilers (e.g. KEIL C51) generates a listing files by default, that spams a project sources directory. So, we need to have a possibility e.g. to disable it or to generate to an output directory. This patch implements this feature for KEIL, IAR, SDCC compilers with the following restrictions: * IAR (8051, AVR, STM8, MSP430, ARM) - full support. * KEIL (8051) - full support. * KEIL (ARM) - has only one restriction in that a compiler does not support specifying of an output listing file name. It is possible to specify only an output listing directory. So, a listing file names will be a bit different than for other compilers (e.g. if a source file name is 'foo.c', then the listing file name will be 'foo.lst', instead of 'foo.c.lst'). * SDCC (8051, STM8) - seems, has not possibility to disable an auto-generated listing files. But it generates an output listing files to a right output directory with the object files. Besides, a listing files has a correct names (e.g. for the 'foo.c' file, the listing file will be 'foo.c.lst'). Change-Id: Ic3516101e69eed156cf71606a7144efc72d40204 Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@qt.io>
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