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qt3D demo: remove advanced custom materials demo from launcher
more HW friendly 3D demo will be added later on. Change-Id: I7e83158a12cedc870df2f11ae13938118674422f Reviewed-by: Kari Hormi <>
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@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ Each menu item opens a page that shows the graphical appearance of a control, al
<application title="Advanced custom materials" location="/data/user/qt/advancedcustommaterial" main="main.qml" icon="/data/user/qt/advancedcustommaterial/preview_l.jpg" exclude="linux-beaglebone;linux-colibri-vf;linux-colibri-imx7;linux-imx7s-warp;linux-nitrogen7;linux-colibri-imx6ull">
This example demonstrates advanced materials in Qt3D.
@@ -116,5 +117,6 @@ This example demonstrates advanced materials in Qt3D.
Demo shows complex shaders and demonstrates controlling your shader properties with QtQuick user interface and Animation. Water is a 3D mesh, that is modeled and uv mapped inside Blender, and then brought into Scene 3D as an .obj file.