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Use the new appman qmake integration for packaging the apps
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@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ This repository hosts additional apps provided for installation in the Qt Automo
All apps are intended to be packaged by the appman-packager which is part of the QtApplicationManager module.
+See the "Writing Applications" documentation of the QtApplicationManager for how to develop an application
+and how the packaging integration works.
# Building and Packaging of Apps
All apps can be build by using the following commands:
@@ -14,52 +17,3 @@ $ make
In addition the apps can be packaged as well using the "package" build target
$ make package
-# Adding new apps
-## Simple Apps
-For simple QML only apps, just add a new folder with your QML files and icon and the info.yaml for the package.
-The new package needs to be added to the qmake build system. For simple apps this is done by creating a new pro file named the same way like your folder.
-The pro file looks as following:
-FILES += info.yaml \
- icon.png \
- Browser.qml
-Also make sure the new folder is added to the toplevel pro file qt-auto-extra-apps.pro
-## Complex Apps
-For more complex apps where you need to deploy a C++ based QML plugin in addition to your QML content you need to do the following:
-1. Create a new folder as described for Simple Apps
-2. Create a new "app" sub-folder and a new "plugin" subfolder
-3. In the plugin subfolder you can use the qmlplugin feature file e.g.
-TARGET = camera
-QT += qml quick
-CONFIG += plugin
-TARGET = $$qtLibraryTarget($$TARGET)
-uri = camera
-# Input
- camera_plugin.cpp \
- camerastream.cpp
- camera_plugin.h \
- camerastream.h
-OTHER_FILES = qmldir
-4. In the app directory you can use the same template as used in the simple app case.
-5. As the package name is retrieved from the folder name, you need to manually set the package name in your app project file
-e.g. NAME = com.pelagicore.camera
-6. Create a sub-dirs pro file in your global app folder
-7. Add your app folder to the toplevel pro file qt-auto-extra-apps.pro