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-This is the changelog for jom 1.1.2, the parallel make tool.
+This is the changelog for jom 1.1.3, the parallel make tool.
+Changes since jom 1.1.2
+- Removed the /KEEPTEMPFILES option. This option only worked for top-level make
+ files anyway and was less useful than intended. Use the /U option to display
+ the content of inline files instead.
+- Fixed an issue where jom.exe would try to load qt.conf from drive E.
+- Fixed handling of double backslash at the end of line (QTCREATORBUG-20550).
+- Fixed handling of line continuations in preprocessor directives
+- Fixed the CMake project file.
Changes since jom 1.1.1
- Fixed exit code propagation in xgejom.bat and ibjom.bat (QTCREATORBUG-16619).
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