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* Build fully qualified identifiers for inlined C++ subroutinesHEADmasterMilian Wolff2019-10-0210-16/+2354
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.11'Ulf Hermann2019-09-301-1/+1
| * Bump application version to 4.11v4.11.0-beta14.11Ulf Hermann2019-09-301-1/+1
* | Make perf2text code reusable for other auto testsMilian Wolff2019-09-303-42/+52
* | Mark CuDieRange as movable typeMilian Wolff2019-09-301-1/+3
* | Properly map discontiguous CU DIE rangesMilian Wolff2019-09-301-28/+11
* | Simplify dwfl_module_addrdie fall-back when .debug_aranges is missingMilian Wolff2019-09-262-127/+46
* Fix build with namespaced QtChristian Stenger2019-09-021-0/+6
* Fix qbs buildChristian Kandeler2019-08-301-2/+2
* Fix typo in perfsymboltable.cppUlf Hermann2019-08-301-1/+1
* Speed up perfparser when DWARF ranges are broken/missing in ELFsMilian Wolff2019-08-162-72/+161
* Add fallback to find DIE for code generated by clangMilian Wolff2019-08-161-33/+85
* Better support for inlined frames in backtracesMilian Wolff2019-08-162-49/+32
* Add manual perf2text test helperMilian Wolff2019-08-139-5/+162
* Don't warn when parsing tracing data with odd content sizeMilian Wolff2019-08-131-2/+4
* Fix test failures in tst_perfdata after recent API changesMilian Wolff2019-08-133-37/+41
* Ensure we always set a valid pid on locations we sendMilian Wolff2019-08-132-0/+2
* Add gitreview configurationMilian Wolff2019-08-131-0/+5
* Fix unittest failure when perf_event_paranoid != -1Erik Johansson2019-08-131-5/+5
* Forward the non-zero pid and tid members of of PerfRecordCommMilian Wolff2019-06-251-0/+5
* Don't try to "fix" partially read events on sequential devices4.10Ulf Hermann2019-05-161-5/+8
* Fix qbs buildChristian Kandeler2019-05-081-1/+1
* Drop backwards compatibility for event typesUlf Hermann2019-05-072-7/+3
* PerfParser: Fix signedness mismatch on comparisonOrgad Shaneh2019-05-073-6/+6
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.9'Ulf Hermann2019-05-062-5/+9
| * On Windows, set stdin to binary4.9Ulf Hermann2019-02-121-2/+6
| * Rename deploy target to deployqtEike Ziller2019-02-051-3/+3
* | Bump the version number to 4.10Ulf Hermann2019-05-031-1/+1
* | Output all values in hex for better comparability with tools like eu-readelfMilian Wolff2019-05-031-5/+5
* | Validate base mapping before using itMilian Wolff2019-05-031-2/+6
* | Add initial MIPS supportLuke Diamand2019-05-032-1/+9
* | Check for 0 sized section header plt in fakeSymbolFromSection to prevent div ...Andrew Somerville2019-05-031-1/+1
* | Always use the first attributes as fallbackMilian Wolff2019-05-031-6/+4
* | Also resolve callchain stored in branch stack, if availableMilian Wolff2019-05-032-16/+43
* | Try to guess offset base address before reporting elf to dwflMilian Wolff2019-05-031-8/+3
* | Correctly parse BranchFlags in BranchEntryMilian Wolff2019-05-032-0/+12
* | Skip unused data when we fail to fully parse an eventMilian Wolff2019-05-031-0/+8
* | Also check for debug link files next to the executable directlyMilian Wolff2019-05-031-1/+20
* | Use build-id file for debug information as fall-backMilian Wolff2019-05-031-0/+6
* | Don't fail testProc for bad kptr_restrict or perf_event_paranoidMilian Wolff2019-05-031-0/+19
* | Treat [kernel.kallsyms]_text as a special sectionThomas McGuire2019-05-031-2/+2
* | Ignore kallsyms mappings with address 0Thomas McGuire2019-05-032-20/+26
* | Halt perfparser when PERFPARSER_DEBUG_WAIT is setThomas McGuire2019-05-031-1/+14
* | Support (null) as address in kallsymsMilian Wolff2019-05-032-2/+10
* | Add fallback search in /usr/lib/debug for debug info fileMilian Wolff2019-05-031-7/+22
* | Forward the path to binary for a given symbolMilian Wolff2019-05-034-18/+23
* | Correctly parse SAMPLE_CPU in PerfSampleIdMilian Wolff2019-05-031-1/+1
* | Forward the CPU on which an event occurredMilian Wolff2019-05-033-7/+15
* | Send task events in time-ordered fashionMilian Wolff2019-05-022-64/+76
* | Do not override previous attributesMilian Wolff2019-05-021-9/+22