BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.10iOS: Fix failure to run an app on iOS version 13 onwardsVikas Pachdha26 hours
4.11QmlDesigner: Fix assertThomas Hartmann108 min.
4.2Make compilable with 5.11hjk17 months
4.4Adapt Qbs submodule URLEike Ziller22 months
4.5Add changes file for 4.5.2Eike Ziller19 months
4.6Update danish (da) translation for Qt Creator 4.6scootergrisen15 months
4.7Help: fix calling QDesktopServices::openUrl when opening about:blankDavid Schulz10 months
4.8fix Gamepad import casingFrederik Schwarzer6 months
4.9Re-fix QtCore resource path changing and prepare for Qt 5.13Thiago Macieira3 months
masterFancyLineEdit: Do not set empty tooltip for no reasonOrgad Shaneh4 days
v4.10.1commit ea829fa6d5...Eike Ziller7 days
qds/v1.3.0commit 6e6ee2e9cb...Thomas Hartmann5 weeks
v4.10.0commit 9b7bab7d35...Eike Ziller6 weeks
qds/v1.3.0-rc1commit 9b7bab7d35...Thomas Hartmann6 weeks
qds/v1.3.0-beta1commit f136415e8c...Thomas Hartmann2 months
v4.10.0-rc1commit c677703543...Eike Ziller2 months
v4.9.2commit 8181363fa9...Eike Ziller4 months
v4.10.0-beta2commit 63c4428287...Eike Ziller4 months
v4.10.0-beta1commit 61fcdd0459...Eike Ziller4 months
qds/v1.2.0commit df22fb083b...Thomas Hartmann4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysFancyLineEdit: Do not set empty tooltip for no reasonHEADmasterOrgad Shaneh1-1/+5
5 daysCMake: Polish configuration check dialogTobias Hunger1-7/+15
5 daysProjectExplorer: Fix base environment as returned by EnvironmentAspectTobias Hunger3-11/+12
5 daysCMake: Run CMake less oftenTobias Hunger1-7/+5
5 daysCMake: Do not delay on manual request to run cmakeTobias Hunger1-4/+4
5 daysCMake: Make BuildDirManager a bit more robustTobias Hunger1-1/+4
5 daysCMake: Do not clear the reader needlesslyTobias Hunger1-2/+0
6 daysCMake: Do not pass on normal CMake output to other parsersTobias Hunger1-0/+7
6 daysBuildSystem: Do not start a new parser run while one is activeTobias Hunger1-1/+1
7 daysCMake: Reset process in fileapi reader once it is doneTobias Hunger1-0/+2